Zain Ali

Zain Ali Panjwani
Masters in Osteopathic Medicine, Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

Zainali Panjwani Masters in Osteopathic Medicine, Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice by IFM & Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute.

A bit about me:

I began my career within the UK Athletics Track & Field set up, treating a variety of athletes from the youth to Olympic Gold Medallists. I quickly began to realise the gap in the understanding of functional biomechanics as it relates to upright movement. Alongside working with athletes, I embarked on a journey with the Gray Institute to further develop my manual therapy with a deeper understanding of human movement.

It was then that I founded 12th Health, an integrated health clinic with an aim of providing expert, professional, holistic & integrative approaches to healthcare. 

Within the clinic I took the role of director and lead Osteopath. After beginning to see the impact of chronic health on the UK health system, I began searching for preventative and root cause methods of treatment. The institute of Functional Medicine was brought to my attention and I embarked on the AFMCP program to widen my understanding of medicine and health overall.

This enabled me to dive deep into nutrition, gut health & lifestyle changes. I gain energy from service to others & I feel really blessed that my profession allows me to fulfil my potential. Seeing a client who was unable to move, to being able to exercise, play sports, carry their children and gain purpose in their life, is a blessing and a fulfilment that makes my work worthwhile.

My favourite joke:

“Doctor, Doctor, I can’t sleep” “Sleep on the windowsill you will soon fall off”

My belief:

Our human bodies interact with everything around us and everything within us. To keep balance & harmony allows us to perform at optimum function. When you take a step back and observe the body as an entire unit, you become aware that what happens inside and the influence of external environments are interacting continuously.

Our focus should not be on a single bacteria or a single infection, but rather the terrain we create. The more habitual the terrain is, the easier it is for intruding. Create diversity, resilience and strength through the choices we make in our lifestyle and you will be able to see the transformation that occurs.

My daily Habit:

Turning the phone to aeroplane mode every night! Don’t worry, if it is an emergency you will be notified the old fashioned way.

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