The Best Exercises for Better Focus

In the current times where attention is demanded out of the white-collar jobs, or even at schools and colleges and distraction is an easier task than focussing, it becomes a key aspect to work on attention. The scientifically normal attention span of an average human being is 20mins.

But given the current major distractions like the rabbit hole of Instagram and Facebook, constant notifications of WhatsApp groups, the 20 minutes’ attention span is graphed down to 20 seconds. Isn’t it? 

Let’s be honest here! Now, how can we be more focused to unleash the productivity within and get the task done? Here are a few best exercises for better focus. Let’s get started

1. Use Workday Structure to Increase Your Focus Slowly

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Your focus is on the right track but needs some moulds. The path to regaining control of your attention is a journey, not a destination. Scientific studies have proven that to construct your attention muscle from the foundation, it’s better to break your tasks into manageable chunks. Regular breaks in between help you in achieving the tasks with full focus

2. Create a “Not-to-Do” List

Did you know that it takes up to 23 minutes to regain your focus after being distracted? The easiest way to fix this is to create a NOT TO DO list. Yes, you heard us right! Whenever the urge to pull out your phone and check Facebook, IG, etc. comes up, write it down in the list instead of surrendering to the distraction. Oh yes, it’s a nutcracker task, but it’s worth it. The act of transferring thoughts from mind to paper allows you to stay focused and keep track of how your monkey brain is working

3. Read Long Books Slowly

Research from the Pew Research Center says that reading of online content has increased nearly 40%. Yet there’s a huge percentage of literate people who haven’t even read a single book in a year!  Reading short content kills your ability to focus and subconsciously trains your mind to look for quick answers rather than exploring the depths of the concept. So start researching proper ways to read and pick up your topic of interest, keep reading it slowly, understand it better. Hence, you improve your memory and gain knowledge. Isn’t this called one arrow and two target shots?

4. Try These Concentration Exercises

You could try these few practical proven exercises

  • Sit still in a chair for 15 minutes
  • Concentrate on slowly opening and closing your fists for five minutes
  • Follow the second hand of a clock for five minutes

Agreed that these are little crazy exercises, but you will be surprised by the results they serve.

5. Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Day

What is mindfulness? It’s being “not” mind full! It is about having a moment in the present, knowing your breath. It’s about the power you hold in the Now. How can you gain this now? This can be achieved by simple meditation exercises, and no, not of 5 minutes certainly. It got to be a minimum of 20 minutes. Start practising guided meditation for a week, then for a month. You shall notice how you remember things, how you are more focused and how your ability to be present is enhanced.  Although these exercises work wonders, you can improve the results with ActiHealth’s supplements that help improve your focus, motivation, mental health, metabolism, and a lot more. They contain essential vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin C and D, zinc, B12, and B6. Order yours now!

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