ActiLax® + our Coaching course is designed to help support gut health:

Digestive and immune system health

Drawing of water to the intestines

Reduction of tiredness & fatigue

A healthy gut microbiome

A healthy Immune system


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ActiLax® + our Coaching course is designed to help support gut health:

Digestive and immune system health

Drawing of water to the intestines

Reduction of tiredness & fatigue

A healthy gut microbiome

A healthy Immune system


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Coaching from Professionals: 

Understanding the gut & it’s role in your wellbeing

• Getting in the right foods & water intake

Weightlifting & exercise for regularity

How to become more regular & much, much more!

This UNIQUE course is designed for adults who struggle with CONSTIPATION & SLEEP.


Key Facts
Magnesium is widely known to have relaxing and laxative effects. It draws water into the intestines to cause a laxative effect that can help relieve constipation.
Understanding that sleep and the gut are linked & play a role in many symptoms such as constipation & IBS, the key is to ensure constant hydration, good sleep & regular exercise.
Get access to our course when purchasing this product.
Our formula contains L.Rhamnosus GG, a bacteria which when eaten with the right foods can boost your gut & in turn have a really positive impact on your digestive health.
We use Pullulan capsules for this product – which have an oxygen barrier 8x stronger than that of a gelatine capsule, and 300x stronger than that of HPMC capsules.
Our unique blend also helps support a healthy immune system.

Why we developed this product


Every ingredient in this unique formula was chosen with consideration of the lifestyle we live in today. We realised that many people are suffering with issues relating to constipation, which is directly linked to sleep. Many people do not understand how they can control or even manage the symptoms.


Understanding the gut & sleep connection alongside our coaching and ActiLax supplement can really help motivate you for long term change & results.


Get access to our course ABSOLUTELY FREE when purchasing this product.


Our chemist did just that.


Instead of adding a load of extra needless and ineffective ingredients, we stuck to the ones which we feel (with our specialist team) will make all the difference. 


This high strength formula alongside our Professional coaching has it all.


60 capsules. Gluten and dairy free. Vegan. Halal.


Take 2 Capsules daily with food or water which is not acidic. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.



Store below 25°c in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep out of sight & reach of children. For best before end see EXP DATE. This bottle is sealed for your safety. Do not use if the foil has been tampered with.



Do not consume more than the recommended daily dose. Consult a medical professional if you have any symptoms. You should not take food supplements as a substitute for a varied & balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Food supplements are not intended to cure or prevent any disease.

Typical value per 2 capsules  Amount
Magnesium  (Magnesium O ide, Magnesium Citrate)750mg
Lactobacillus Rhamnosus14 Billion CFU
Banana Fibre110mg
Fructoligosaccharides (Soluble Fibre)200mg

NRV = Nutrient Reference Value
mg = milligram



Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate), Capsule Shell (Pullulan Plant Fibre), Fructoligosaccharides Soluble Fibre, Banana Fibre, lactobacillus Rhamnosus.

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UK manufactured

Get To Know Your ACTI Health

How do I return a product or an order?

With all the love and hard work we have put into our products we are sure you'll love the ActiHealth range. If for any reason you're still not happy, we can offer a refund or exchange. Just send us an email on [email protected] with your order number and we will run you through the steps with your return.

What is the best way to get in contact about my order?
If you would like to speak to a member of our team about your order, please kindly email our customer service team on [email protected]
What does ACTI stand for?

When we were deciding what to name our brand, it needed to be in line with our mission and values.
ACTI stands for
ACHIEVING your goals by
TRANSFORMING your life &

We believe that to live your life to its optimum, you must live in a holistic approach. Stay active, get the right nutrients & work on your mindset and most important of all inspire others in doing so.

Who is ActiHealth for?

The ActiHealth range of products are specifically engineered and developed for adults. Each product is unique for different functions. You should always read the label prior to purchasing any of our products and consult a medical practitioner if you are unsure or suffer from any medical conditions,
allergies or are pregnant.

The children’s range of products can be found on

What is the best supplement for me?

We have tried to distinguish between each particular product to the best of our abilities to ensure you chose what is right for you. We state on our packaging what the product is intended for and also list what is inside each product. We have to be careful with what claims we can make on our packaging due to legislation, however, we do list the function of each supplement to the best of our abilities to ensure you make the right choices before purchasing. It is always a good idea to get a full blood test to find out what vitamins or nutrients you may be lacking in.

What is the Professional Range and what is the difference between your other products?

ZainAli is an Osteopath by profession with a deep understanding of functional foods and medicine
and believes the key to a good life is living with a holistic approach.

The professional range of products are vetted through him before he recommends them to his
patients. He ensures that the products are completely clean or as can be with maximum benefit for
those consuming them. For more understanding of what Zainali does visit his website at

Are your products Vegan, Vegetarian or Halal.

All of our supplements are either Vegan, Vegetarian or Halal. The only product which is not Vegetarian or Vegan is ActiColl+ which contains Halal Bovine Collagen.

Is the ActiHealth range of products suitable for children?

The ActiHealth range of products are designed for adults. For a full list of children’s products please visit

Some of your products have Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) levels above 100%, is this safe to use?
Many vitamins and minerals we use in our products have NRV levels above 100%. This is because they have been shown to have a very positive impact in the function it wishes to serve and that they are completely safe in doing so.

All of our products have been developed and engineered by our team of qualified UK and German chemists to ensure we only use the legal amount and most beneficial amount of vitamins and minerals for the optimum product.
Where are your products manufactured or produced?

We are glad to say that all of our products are manufactured and packed in the UK apart from ActiFizz which is manufactured in a GMP facility in Germany. Many companies get around this by packaging the products in the UK and then stating Made in UK on the label. We go that step further ensuring the highest quality of product all manufactured by UK chemists in the UK.

Where can I access the courses & do I have to pay for them?

Our courses are available on our YouTube page


The good new is that they are completely free & available for all.


To make the most of your supplement, subscribe to our YouTube page & get regular bite-sized content in all areas of health. You will have access to great tips & motivation from our amazing coaches.


If you would like to know more about them, check out their contact details on the Coaches page.


If there are any issues with getting a link to the course, please contact [email protected] & our team will help resolve the issue for you.

Are the coaches recommending your products?

Our coaches have kindly taken the time to put together some amazing content including tips & steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle. In no way shape or form are they recommending the products, rather, they are promoting a healthier lifestyle. The course is in no way linked to the product.

How can I get in touch with the coaches?

Our coaches all run their own businesses & you can contact them on their details on the coach’s page on the header of the website. Each coach is amazing at what they do & can really push you in reaching your goals.

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