Over the years, I tried and tested a number of routines and product’s to get me to my optimum in energy, mindset and overall wellbeing. I realised that there is no such thing as a ‘magic pill’, one type of workout or a particular diet that gets you there… It’s a holistic approach to life… we call it ACTI.

Achieve your goals through

Challenging yourself,

Transforming your life &

Inspiring others.
Why is it that over 68% of people who sign up to a gym leave within 3 months?

Why is it that you go on a really strict diet and when you stop you end up putting on more weight?

Why is mental health at it’s highest since records began?
The answer is simple… we want a quick fix now rather than a long term holistic new lifestyle.

We are on a journey to embed and instil a holistic approach to life, ensuring that from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow you feel you have achieved your daily goals, challenged yourself, had a transformation in the day and then passed this on to others around you. A core belief in our values is the ‘give back’.
A short story about myself…

Since a child, I have always been into sports, gym and physical activity. Injuries came along the way and serious ones which involved me being bed ridden at times for periods of weeks.

I saw chiropractors, shiatsu specialists, massage therapists who would give me a quick fix and then back to square 1. It was in 2017 where I met with Zainali Panjwani, an osteopath who specialises in functional food and medicine and has a keen interest in the gut microbiome.

Instead of getting my temporary ‘fix’, Zainali encouraged some small changes to my diet, lifestyle and mindset as well as getting to the core of my physical movements. A few changes and I am glad to say that I have not taken a day off work due to back pain since.

He found that majority of my issues were from my gut and advised me of what changes I needed to make and what my holistic approach to living should be.

Zainali has a strong belief in supplementing completely clean products as the environment we live in, foods we eat and air we breathe has given majority of the world a nutrient deficit.

Together, along with our specialist chemists we are formulating the ‘PROFESSIONAL RANGE’ which Zainali and other medical practitioners now recommend to their patients.

Through the transformation I have seen, I don’t want anyone to suffer the way I did.

How will we give back and inspire others? Through our carefully researched supplements & content on a holistic approach to living.
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