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Cardio & Flow

The course for better heart health

The ActiHeart Course has been designed to help you manage & support your heart as well as an understanding of your gut’s role in the process.


This course will guide you through understanding of your heart & guide you to take relevant action through small sustainable steps so you can look after your health & in turn lead a healthy lifestyle..


What’s included:


Zainali Panjwani will guide you with regards to how your gut plays an important role in your heart health & will show you different breathing techniques that can be life-changing.


Nutritionist, Sukaina will help you with easy to use methods to ensure you are getting enough of the right nutrients into your system to ensure regularity & quality sleep with tips on getting the right foods into your diet.


Zahra & Ilyas will go through some exercises & stretches on bettering heart health.


Salman will talk to you about the relationship between Heart health & your teeth.


There will also be amazing content from the rest of the coaches on understanding the gut’s role in anxiety & stress, exercise tips & mindset techniques from a holistic approach.


We have designed this course in a way for you to get some amazing regular bite-sized coaching. By subscribing to the channel, you will get access to exercises, nutrition tips, mindset techniques so much more in short video’s to really give you that push.
The course is designed to help you make better lifestyle choices & in turn lead a healthier lifestyle.


Make the most of your ActiHeart supplement by subscribing to the course & take that step to not just achieve your goals but inspire others too.

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